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Calendar at a Glance

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 Sep
2 Sep 3 Sep 4 Sep 5 Sep 6 Sep 7 Sep

Masterclass D:
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Renewable Energy
4 full days
09:00 - 17:00 daily

8 Sep 9 Sep 10 Sep 11 Sep 12 Sep 13 Sep 14 Sep

Workshop A:
Off-Grid Technologies
1 full day
09:00 - 17:00

Main Conference
2 full days
09:00 - 17:00 daily

Workshop B:
Renewable Energy
1 full day
09:00 - 17:00

Workshop C:
Battery Energy Storage
1 full day
09:00 - 17:00

15 Sep 16 Sep 17 Sep 18 Sep 19 Sep 20 Sep 21 Sep

Masterclass E:
Power Project Finance
5 full days
09:00 - 17:00 daily


Masterclass F:
Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contracts for Energy Industy
3 full days
09:00 - 17:00 daily



Conference Agenda

Tue, 10 Sep Conference Day 1


Power Sector Development


  Registration & coffee/tea

  09:00   Keynote Opening Speech
  09:15   Financing
  09:45   Investment & Guarantees
  10:30   Networking & Refreshment Break
  11:00   Supply & Demand
  11:30   Sustainable Development
  12:00   Panel Discussion: Transition Towards Open & Competitive Electricity Markets
  12:30   Lunch break
PM Management & Regulation
  14:00   Governance
  14:30   Political Risk
  15:00   Workforce Development
  15:30   Networking & Refreshment Break
  15:50   Tariffs
  16:20   Panel Discussion: Is Privatisation the Way to Go?
  16:50   End of conference day 1


Wed, 11 Sep Conference Day 2

Power Supply & Accessibility


  Registration & coffee/tea

  09:00   Chairperson’s Opening Speech
  09:15   Solar
  09:45   Renewable Energy
  10:15   Networking & Refreshment Break
  10:45   Power Generation
  11:15   Accessibility
  11:30   Panel Discussion: Making Power Affordable for All
  12:20   Lunch break
PM Emerging Technologies & Solutions
  14:00   Technology
  14:30   Mini Grids
  15:00   Energy Storage
  15:30   Networking & Refreshment Break
  15:50   Off-Grid Solutions
  16:20   Managing Losses
  16:50   End of conference day 2

Workshops Agenda

POWER WEEK AFRICA is one of the region's largest gathering of power & electricity professionals. Its thought leadership has made the summit the ideal platform for the best learning, networking and inspiration.

We have increased the number of workshops in our optional education programmes, giving you more choice between 6 workshops / masterclasses led by an unrivalled faculty of facilitators to ensure you remain at your best.

Mon, 9 Sep Pre-Conference Workshop A


Off-Grid Technologies


  Introduction: Africa’s Off-Grid Revolution; Myth or Reality?

09:15   Introduction to SHS and Minigrids
10:15   Idea #1. “A big share of Africa’s population never see grid roll-out – population density is simply too low”
11:15   Networking & Refreshment Break
11:30   Idea #2. “The African off-grid market is a multi-billion-dollar opportunity”
12:30   Lunch break
13:45   Idea #3. “Off-grid products are affordable for most African consumers”
14:45   Idea #4. “SHS companies might be the emerging distributors in African fragmented trade”
15:45   Networking & Refreshment Break
16:00   Idea #5. “There are bold pioneers leading the way?”
17:00   Q&A, End of Workshop


Thu, 12 Sep Post-Conference Workshop B


Renewable Energy



09:15   Renewable Energy Resources
10:15   Renewable Energy Policies in Africa
11:15   Networking & Refreshment Break
11:30   Renewable Energy Market in Africa
12:30   Lunch break
13:45   Distributed Renewable Energy for Energy Access
14:45   Africa’s Energy Challenges
15:45   Networking & Refreshment Break
16:00   Case Studies: Examples of Large Scale and Medium Scale Renewable Energy Projects in Africa
17:00   Q&A, End of Workshop


Fri, 13 Sep Post-Conference Workshop C


Battery Energy Storage


  Introduction and the Initial Scene Setting

10:15   Power System & Storage Fundamentals
11:30   Networking & Refreshment Break
11:45   Renewable, with and without Storage
12:45   Lunch break
13:45   Batteries vs. Systems – Management and Monitoring Benefits
15:45   Networking & Refreshment Break
16:00   Principles and Challenges of Revenue Stacking
17:00   Q&A, End of Workshop


Tue - Fri,
3 - 6 Sep

Pre-Conference Masterclass D


Power Purchase Agreement for Renewable Energy

  Day 1

  Global Electricity Market Trends Driving PPA Investments

    Case Study: Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, Kenya
    Renewables Developments
    Case Study: Review Situation in Africa
    The Different Types of PPA
    Practical Case: Challenges in the heavy-industry renewable PPAs. What are the concerns and what are the possible solutions?
  Day 2   Key Differences of Thermal vs. Renewable PPA
    Power Purchase Agreement: Key General Features
    Renewable PPA Specifics
    Case Study: Examining a Solar and Wind PPA
  Day 3   Corporate Renewable PPA
    Case Study: Examining a Corporate PPA Structure
    Multiple Buyers PPAs
    Case Study: Examining a Multi Buyer PPA
    Financing of Renewable Power Projects
    Case Study: Reviewing Financing Structure of Renewable Project with a PPA
    Bankability of Renewable PPAs
  Day 4   Risk Assessment: PPA is All About Properly Allocating Risks
    Exercise: Identifying Risks for a Specific Renewable PPA Project
    How to Negotiate the Best PPA Deal
    Final Exercise/Role Play: Negotiating a Renewable PPA


Mon - Fri,
16 - 20 Sep

Post-Conference Masterclass E


Power Project Finance

Day 1   Power Project Commercial Structure
    Attributes of a Bankable Project
    Project Risk Identification and Evaluation
    Case Study Exercise: Preparation of a Risk Matrix
Day 2   Risk Mitigation
    Case Study: Examples of Risk Mitigation in the Power Sector
    Introduction to the Financial Model
    Financial Plan for the Project
Day 3   Debt Structuring and Debt Sizing
    Case Study Exercise: Debt Sizing and Repayment Profiling
    Project Opportunity Triage
    Case Study Exercise: Opportunity Triage
Day 4   Principal Commercial Project Contract - Key Features
    PPP Contract Structures
    Finance Documentation
    Case Study Exercise: Debt Term Sheet - Bid Preparation
Day 5   Running the Due Diligence Process
    Case Studies: Lessons Learned
    Restructuring and Refinancing
    Debt Raising - How to Take Your Project to Market
    Case Study Exercise: Presenting to the investment committee - bringing together the learning from the course


Mon - Wed,
16 - 18 Sep

Post-Conference Masterclass F


EPC Contracts for Energy Industry

Day 1   Legal Framework of EPC Contracts
    Tips on Contractual Risk Allocation and Mitigation Strategies
    Review of the Contract Manager Role on Major Energy Sector Construction Contracts
    Financing EPC Energy Projects and Project Structuring
    Discussion on Split EPC Contracts, EPCM Contracts and Multi-Prime
    Managing EPC Contracts for Successful Energy Projects
Day 2   Contract Negotiation and Administration
    Developing an Advanced Dispute Resolution Strategy
    Practical Exercise: Drafting Dispute Resolution Clauses
    Managing Project Delay and Claims
    Practical Workshop: Writing Claim Letters
    Local Law Issues in Africa
    Case Study: Major Energy Sector Construction Contracts and Special Considerations
Day 3   Contracting and Subcontracting Strategies to Deliver a Successful EPC Project in the Oil, Gas & Power Industry
    Interactive Group Discussion: Real Life Case Studies Covering Every Aspect of EPC Contract
    Managing Contractor Relationships for Long-Term Success and Efficiency
    Group Discussion: Clause-by-Clause Discussion Based on an Actual Contract Precedent


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