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Agnes Devanadera
Chairperson & CEO
Energy Regulatory Commission, Philippines


Chairperson Agnes VST Devanadera was appointed by President Rodrigo R. Duterte to head the 5-man Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) on 04 December 2017.

A trailblazer, she is a woman of many firsts:
     First woman Mayor of Sampaloc, Quezon
     First woman President of the Quezon Mayor's League
     First and only woman National President of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines
     First woman Lawyer of Quezon who was admitted at the New York Bar, USA
     First woman Government Corporate Counsel
     First woman Solicitor General and
     First woman to be a full-pledged Secretary of Justice

She was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1976 and to the New York State Bar in 1986.

As a Mayor, her town garnered coveted awards given by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and Ford Foundation and won as the Cleanest and Greenest Municipality of the Philippines. She is likewise given the credit for breaking the backbone of insurgency, a feat that seemed impossible for a woman as it was in her town where a Stalin University used to be found.

As National President of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines, she led the Municipal Mayors in the initial implementation of local autonomy under the Local Government Code and in bringing about excellence in local governance by promoting and recogniring the BEST practices among Local Government Units (LGUs).

As Undersecretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), she spearheaded the national anti-illegal drug campaign by mobilizing all sectors of society particularly the Philippine National Police, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and Local Government Units thereby generating the most number of arrests including a Municipal Mayor who was her colleague.

As Government Corporate Counsel, she implemented the ZERO backlog, won the Manila International Airport Authority case in the Supreme Court which set the precedent in the real property policy. She successfully implemented the reprivatization of Maynilad Water Services, Inc. through public bidding generating for the government more than US$500M which was recognized by the Asian Development Bank as the Best Country Deal.

As Solicitor General, she successfully defended the Philippine government policies and programs mostly run through oral arguments before the Supreme Court on issues as executive privilege, writ of Amparo, expropriation, land titles, etc. She likewise appeared before courts in the US, Switzerland, Singapore, and Japan to pursue the Marcos wealth and some properties of the Philippine Government.

As Secretary of Justice, she introduced reforms in the organization, systems and work culture of excellence. The biggest case she resolved in her tenure as Secretary of Justice is the Maguindanao massacre where more than 200 people were indicted and incarcerated for the death of 58 people mostly women and members of the media.

As Chairperson and CEO of the Energy Regulatory Commission for barely a year now, she launched a short-term program for efficiency dubbed as "ERC's 5Es", particulary: (1) ERC on Wheels; (2) ERC Academy; (3) eWISE or ERC Web Portal for Interactive and Systematic Exchange; (4) ERC on Emerging Technologies; and (5) ERC Enabling Electrification. She also approved the implementation of several significant regulatory policies that would benefit the consuming public, particularly: (1) Rules on System Loss Cap for Distribution Utilities and the Performance Incentive Scheme: (2) Resolution Adopting the Amendments to the Rules for the Distribution for Net Settlement Surplus (NSS); (3) Resolution Approving the Philippine Distribution Code (PDC) 2017 Edition; and (4) Rules plementing the Switching and Billing Process and Adopting a Disconnection Policy for Contestable Customers.

In all her life as a leader and government official, she has maintained adherence to the principle of "Putting People First" with God in the midst of all undertakings. But her fulfillment is best achieved as a wife to Noriel Devanadera, a businessman and as a mother to Noel Angelo, the Municipal Mayor of Sampaloe, Quezon, to Anna Noreen, a Department of Justice Prosecutor, and to Nicolas Andre, the Municipal Administrator of Sampaloe, Quezon.


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